Sophie Sarkar is a planner, photographer, painter, and illustrator, based in West Philadelphia and London. The product of a tri-racial kinship, Sophie likes to play with visual pluralism in her work. By bringing together disparate scenes and subjects from her experiences, she explores the connection and contention between her intertwined cultural and racial identities. The result is a mélange of patterns, colors, textures, and styles held together with emotion rather than logic. Influenced by Japanese and Indian textiles and the Bengal School of Art, Sophie has a propensity for geometric patterns, bright colors, thick outlines, and ink-wash.

When she is not making art in her home studio, Sophie works as a Community Planner, supporting residents and groups of varying backgrounds to come together around neighborhood projects that promote close-to-home outdoor engagement and build community.  Sophie is a Natural Leader Legacy Camp alumnae, is on the Board of Directors of the Children & Nature Network, and was recognized on the inaugural Outdoor 30 Under 30.

Sophie is currently pursuing an MSc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies at the London School of Economics. 



INSTAGRAM: @sophiesarkar