My photography portfolio includes two forms of digital photomontage that I have termed “photoblocks” and “photoweavings”. Photoblocks are geometric patterns made from multiples of the same photograph that are rotated, flipped, and juxtaposed together into a new symmetric image. Photoweavings are large digital textiles made by merging rows of photoblocks to create a long symmetric panel. From a distance, a completed photoweaving might appear to be a rug or textile woven from colorful thread. Closer observation will reveal a rooftop of a Buddhist temple in Kyoto interlaced with the scene of a boy playing in front of a mural in a Philadelphia schoolyard. Weaving together these subjects from different cultures elucidates some of their visual and metaphorical connections, which in turn helps me to understand why each image was meaningful and compelling to begin with.



Photoweaving - 01.jpg